Our certified technicians tackle unique issues on as-needed basis as well as offer long-term professional support services. From desktop to datacenter, AVS will provide the effective support and professional services that will help your business thrive in a competitive environment. Additionally, we offer retainer blocks, “a-la-carte” hourly services, weekly or monthly recurring visits, other support agreements, when you need us on site or losing in and fixing that issue.

Advantage Video Systems FREE Support

Someone is monitoring our call center to provide you the AVS FREE 24/7 phone and email support. This dose not mean that we will solve all issues then and there. Our support engineers will usually be on the phone when you call but a may be on other calls. We will contact you according to times and hours of access defined in your program or maintenance level. Please provide as much detail as possible in your service request.

Advantage Platinum Service Plan

For serious or complicated issues, you may need a higher level of service from a senior support engineer. Advantage Platinum Service Requests allow you to get fast access to an expert for a specific number of your most critical issues. A team of senior support engineers are staffed to respond to your support issues in an hour or less. Depending on your issue we may or may not be available 24/7 but always during local business hours. You choose when to use your normal support channels and when to use your Advantage Platinum Service Requests, ensuring that extra assurance is ready when your business needs it.

On–Site Support Pay Per Hour

When the unexpected occurs, we can send an expert to help you bring your systems back online. On-Site Support delivers highly skilled and focused resources when you need them, without the cost of hiring or training staff. Our On-Site Support engineer works alongside your team during and directly following planned system changes.

If your environment is complex, you may choose to purchase time with multiple engineers, each with a different area of expertise. In addition, all On-Site Support engineers have access to the expertise of our entire technical support organization and the latest product and troubleshooting information.

Your staff members will also learn best practices from our On–Site Support engineers, enabling them to quickly and efficiently solve future problems. You will be able to lower IT costs and heighten productivity throughout the department because staff will reduce downtime and spend more time focused on strategic initiatives, ensuring you maintain a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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