Owning the world’s finest digital media equipment is easy and affordable with our special financing options.  Finance up to 100% of your total equipment costs and a good amount of soft costs, including installation, software, and software support.

Low monthly lease payments and financing options allow you to preserve your bank credit lines and sustain your cash flow. Options come with minimal documentation, simple payments, and consolidated invoices for multiple purchases.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Convenience & flexibility of bank loans
  • Avoid the risk of owning obsolete equipment
  • Cash flow and working capital
  • Tax benefits
  • Equipment tends to pay for itself
  • Fast and easy approvals
  • Opens credit lines to be used for other purposes
  • Can lease soft costs and intangibles
  • Budgetary advantages – one low payment helps acquire all the equipment needed at one time
  • 100% Financing

End of Lease Options

Fair Market Value (FMV)

The Fair Market Value lease option offers you the lowest monthly payment available on the market.  The payments may be 100% tax deductible, so consult your tax advisor for more information.   At the end of the lease, return the equipment to Advantage Video Systems or purchase it for its’ Fair Market Value. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the equipment that has been leased.  If you plan to continuously refresh your technology with the trends of the market, this is the best option for you!

The $1 Purchase Option

The $1 purchase option transfers the ownership of the equipment to you at the end of the lease term.  The lease payments must be deducted as a capital expense (depreciable asset).  This option protects your cash reserves, helps you manage your cash flow, and simplifies your budgeting with fixed monthly payments.  If you intend to keep the equipment for five years or more, this is the best option for you!

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