Portable Edit Bays

Portable Edit Bays are becoming more and more mainstream. Let Advantage Video Systems help you hit the road. We have everything you need to successfully cut your video using Avid, Final Cut, or Premier Systems. Our video engineers have experience working with Panasonic, JVC, Sony, Red Cameras and various 3D rigs. With all of our knowledge, our Video Engineers will design a workflow that will actually work for your business.

We design our Portable Edit Bays to be multi-purposeful. Whether you plan on traveling all over the United States, or just around the office, our systems are engineered to be extremely easy to travel with. We’ll pre-wire the entire system with labels and drawings, leaving it very understandable as to how to set it up. With all of these labels and drawings, you will never have to fuss with tangled wires again. Arrive at your destination with equipment that is fully ready to go!