Shared Storage

Advantage Video Systems is a lead source in shared storage technologies. Our team of engineers are all trained and highly skilled, and can help you with all of your shared storage needs. We are certified in fiber channel, GigE, PCI-Express and Thunderbolt. All of our sales representatives are also trained, and will teach you about the cost savings and benefits of shared storage, so you will have a deeper understanding of what you are upgrading to.

Even if you are only operating two systems, a single central storage can save you money and keep your data secure. Having a single central storage unit provides a higher level of data protection than a typical direct attached storage device.

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Advantage Video Systems announces mediaExeQ™, a solution that simplifies file based workflows using media centric storage. This all in one mobile system can fit into any office to any set and instantly serve up to 20 users. Advantage Video Systems is a systems integrator servicing the production, post production, broadcast and streaming media industries.

mediaExeQ™ is an integrated solution to solve today’s rich media market challenges. Advantage Video Systems, in conjunction with Active Storage, Tiger Technology, Qualstar, axle Video, and XenData, have developed the exclusive Advantage Video Systems solution: mediaExeQ™ – a fully integrated and tested, turnkey media storage solution.

mediaExeQ™ includes media asset management, archiving, file sharing and optimized storage resourcing capabilities. The system can easily fit in to any office environment or go packed up and sent to any set and instantly serve 20+ users. This Advantage Video Systems solution includes both disk and tape-based storage for online, near-line, and offline storage requirements.


The system at under 150 pounds will fit in your trunk yet deliver the most powerful image processing to keep up with the high demand of today’s production environment. Utilizing the most state of the art hardware in a custom formfitting package. We deliver a smaller faster and lighter weight solution for onset data and color management

The system will provide efficient color and data management workflows from acquisition to delivery. Today’s high-end digital cinema cameras systems provide many different acquisition, formats, resolutions and color space. Our onset daily system carries a director and DP’s creative intent from set to final color grade. Everyone can receive same day sound sync color graded dailies but it doesn’t stop there.

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